Effects of cigarettes smoking

All smokers are familiar with smoking as a threat to health, and as a cause of cancer and dying. It’s true-most of the smokers tend for some reasons to ignore those alarming facts, but nevertheless those health issues are usuelly taken into consideration.

However- most of the heavy smokers are completely unaware of some other effects of cigarettes smoking.

Financial effects: we know it costs us ,but we almost never bother to find out exactly how much…
calculating the annual spent on cigarettes and imagining some better alternatives for using this money can contribute to the final decision of giving up smoking.

Bad smell: smokers usually don’t feel the bad smell of their hair, or the smelly odor of their breath ,skin or clothes. The real sufferers are the non-smokers that have to deal with this  disgusting cigarette smell every time they come across a smoker.

Stained and yellow teeth: apart from the aesthetic issue and the unattractive appearance which caused by yellow (sometimes even brown) teeth, a smoker must always remember that removing those stains and brighten his teeth may  also cost him a lot of money.

Damaging your children’s health:
Even if You don’t care about your own health, what about your children’s health?  While considering various effects of cigarettes smoking, think firstly about your own family.
Passive smoking can cause some serious health problems. Would you really like to put your children in any danger? Recent studies show that Your child  has an increased risk to heart disease or lung cancer from being exposed to your smoking for long periods of time.Isn’t it a good enough reason for giving up smoking?

Apart from this, children have the tendency to go after their parents. Will it make you happy seeing your child holding a cigarette?  Will you have any right preventing him/her from this damaging habit?
Think again…

Mental effects of smoking cigarette: you might think smoking makes you more relaxed and helps you dealing with pressure. maybe it’s true for the short run, But for the long run- all studies show that it is really make you nervous and less composed person.


Severe Health problems are surely the worst effects of cigarettes smoking, but we tried  to give some examples and shade some light on other serious effects of cigarettes smoking. Surprisingly, statistics prove that most of the former heavy smokers took the decision to quit smoking not due to worrying about their own health, but due to other cigarettes smoking effects like their children’s health, bad smell, financial smoking effects, yellow teeth, etc.

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