Mental Effects of Smoking

Many people know that smoking is injurious to physical heath. However, researches have even proved that smoking can cause many mental illnesses. Hence, smoking effects are seen on both psychological as well as physical health. Tobacco consumption causes lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, and mental instability. 

However, certain individuals state that smoking increases concentration, mental focus, provides a broader outlook towards life, whereas research proved that long exposure to smoking leads to diminished logical intellect and cognitive skills resulting in low IQ (Intelligence Quotient) levels.  

Smoking Effects on Mental Well-Being: 

Smokers suffer from many kinds of mental problems. For example, first time smokers will suffer from rapid heartbeat, giddiness, and vomiting. Researchers have found that smoking and mental imbalance are interrelated. Studies even stated that smoking may lead to Schizophrenia. It is believed that smoking reduces an individual’s ability of problem solving skills, lessens memory power, makes it difficult to recollect past events. Health experts state that smoking destroys blood vessels. This may cause heart and lung diseases, as a result, smokers suffer from brain dysfunction.

 Smoking cigarettes also leads to panic attacks. Symptoms of panic attacks are fear of dying, trembling, choking, sweating, chest pain, giddiness, wooziness, difficulty in breathing, feeling hot or cold in normal temperatures, fainting, and heart palpitations.

 Smoking can lead to Bulimia Nervosa, a mental abnormality showing symptoms such as depression, stress, frequently viewing food, nervousness, poor body image, mood swings, low attentiveness, amnesia, mental inability to deal with stressful situations, frustration, and avoiding people.


In addition, smoking cigarettes actually increases the stress levels in individuals, and thus, they lose their mental balance. It can make you less serene and more frustrating. You lose your mental satisfaction in the end.



Many people have a notion that cigarette smoking is a great stress reliever, which is not true. Though you might enjoy smoking in the short term, it has dangerous effects in the long run. Over a period, you can face many other consequences due to your smoking habits such as broken relationships, health related disorders, financial problems, and low self-esteem are a few to name.  

Hence, it is good to quit smoking at an early stage in life to avoid all these unfavorable smoking effects be it on physical health or on your mental health. Finally, if smokers truly devote themselves to deal with the mental effects of smoking, they will be amazed to witness how easy it is to giving up smoking.

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