Physical Effects of Smoking

Smoking can be pleasurable for short term. However, in the long run, it is hazardous to health, both  physically as well as mentally. Smoking does not have any benefits, as it only destroys a smoker’s  life.  

Smoking effects are not only terrible for smokers, but also hazardous for people around them including their close ones.(passive smokers)  So before lighting up your next cigarrete, just be aware of the harmful effects of smoking.


The following are some of the smoking effects on various organs of a human body:  

Lungs: Smoking is the foremost reason for impaired lungs. Prolonged exposure will paralyze and disable the lungs to clean the respiratory system. Smoke from cigar generates harmful chemicals such as tar. This chokes the alveoli and tissues in the respiratory track. Thus, you experience breathing problems. It leads in the production of mucus, which in turn assists the microorganisms to thrive. Hence, smokers get prone to flu, cough and cold, bronchitis, cancer, emphysema, and various other deadly respiratory illnesses.


Heart: Smoking is also proved fatal for the heart. A smoker’s heart beats much faster and harder, in times of high stress or depression. The damage is similar to that of a person having high cholesterol. As the heart beats fast, it results in high blood pressure. 

Skin: Smoking squeezes and restricts the blood vessels to the skin. It thus lowers the rate of blood flow to various parts of the body. Hence, a smoker’s skin is prone to wrinkling. 

Mouth and Nose: Smokers lose the ability to smell and taste. There are high chances of smokers facing from mouth and gums cancer. Worst effects such as breakdown of jaws or tongue, and breathing through a hole in the throat can be avoided, if you avoid smoking.  

Throat: Throat cancer is the most common illness seen in smokers. The result is so severe that a smoker might even become dumb for the rest of his/her life.

The Key to Sound Health: 

All the above stated effects to various organs of the body can destroy an individual’s life to a great extent. The key to avoid these adverse effects and maintain good health is to keep yourself away from smoking. As simple as that… Hence, it is advisable not to play with your life, as these hazardous smoking effects will lead you nowhere in the end, other than misery.

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