Smoking Reasons

Though people are aware that smoking is injurious to health, they are still reluctant to start the giving up smoking process. Below mentioned are some reasons for which people take up smoking.


1.   Cigarette smoking as a way of problems dealing: Individuals view smoking as a companion to their life. Everyone has his or her personal reasons for smoking. People consider smoking will help them to deal with daily stress, depressive situations, anger, frustrations, low confidence, weight gain, and lethargy. In short, they feel that smoking helps them to forget and ease their problems.


2.   Smoking as a tranquilizer: Many people opt to smoke thinking that it calms, soothes, and relieves them of any unfavorable conditions. Smokers rely on this to get out of constant pain and emotional disturbances. Reports stated that nicotine provides relief from pain. It directs the brain chemicals to calm down and increases motivating feelings. However, this provides temporary relief. In the long run, it is extremely dangerous for wellbeing.


3.   The feel good state: Smoking cigarettes may relieve an individual from painful and bitter situations such as distress, sadness, fears, uneasiness, and nervousness. This is mainly because of the chemical property of nicotine on the brain.


Smokers believe that, while smoking, the brain liberates chemical compounds that help them to manage stressful situations of life. 

On quitting, individuals experience excitement, frustration, hostility, and irritation. In reality, as the emotions are not resolved, smokers think that giving up smoking will make their lives miserable.


4.   Smoking gives a composed life: Smokers believe that it will soothe their nerves, fulfill their desires, and provide them with energy and liveliness to lead a composed life. Nicotine gives satisfaction and contentment to smokers, as it gives a sensation of goodness. However, it is just a fantasy and is not at all true.


5.   Teen smoking- Desire to fit in : It is one of the major causes for increased smokers around the globe. Films are the main reason for teens opting for smoking. They feel it is a style statement and it will boost their personality. Teens tend to think that smoking will make them look cooler and  help them become more popular. Hence, they desire to fit in the habit.


They believe that it is the best way to get attraction and attention. Friends and members of opposite sex will admire them. They are unaware of the harmful effects that smoking causes in the long run.




There are a lot of reasons for this damaging habit. What ever your reason is- Always remember that in the long run,  Smoking causes various troubles and is not good for your health by any means. In short- smoking never has any positive effects.

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