Smoking Statistics


Smoking statistics from all over the world show that around 80,000 to 100,000 kids start  smoking everyday. These alarming statistics should motivate adults to encourage their children  to start the giving up smoking process at an early age.  According to certain smoking figures, women account for nearly 39% of all smoking deaths.


General Smoking Statistics:

  • 1. Nearly one third of the adult male global population smokes.
  • 2. Smoking related-diseases kill one in ten adults globally.
  • 3. If the same trend continues,smoking will kill six people daily by 2030.
  • 4. Every eight seconds,an individual dies from tobacco use.
  • 5. In the developing world, consumption of tobacco is rising by 3.4% each year.
  • 6. About 15 billion cigarettes sell daily and nearly 10 million every minute.
  • 7. The number of Britons that have died due to smoking is 12 times more than the  number of Britons   died during the Second World War.
  • 8. Cigarettes cause more than one in five American deaths.
  • 9. Among WHO Regions, the Western Pacific Region that covers East Asia and the Pacific has the highest smoking rate with nearly two-thirds of adults smoking.
  • 10. Just a few corporations that include American, British, and Japanese multinational conglomerates control the tobacco market.


Youth Smoking Statistics: 

  • 1. One in every five teens aged between 13 to 15 smokes.
  • 2. Around 50% of individuals, who start smoking in their adolescent years, go on to smoke for 15 to 20 years.
  • 3. Studies show that tobacco advertising greatly influences teenagers to take smoking.
  • 4. Smoking statistics show that nearly a quarter of youth alive in the Western Pacific Region will die due to smoking.


Smoking Statistics Related to Health:

  • 1. Half of long-term smokers will die from tobacco related illnesses.
  • 2. Every cigarette smoked cuts at least five minutes of life on average
  • 3. More than 4,000 toxins and carcinogenic chemicals are present in tobacco smoke
  • 4. A British survey showed that nearly 99% of women were ignorant of the link between smoking and cervical cancer.
  • 5. Another survey showed that 60% of Chinese adults were unaware of smoking’s relation with lung cancer, while 96% did not know that it might cause heart disease.


There needs to be awareness of these smoking statistics among smokers, if they have to succeed in giving up smoking. The main causative factors for which people start smoking are cigarette advertisements emphasizing dynamism, sexual attraction, and freedom, as this appeal to teenagers and youngsters largely.

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