Some Tips on Stopping Smoking

Nicotine addiction is powerful, but certain proven tips on stopping smoking can be useful to individuals. Individuals experience withdrawal symptoms both physical as well as psychological in the process of quitting the habit.


Proven Tips on Stopping Smoking:


Following are some of the proven tips on stopping smoking:


1.      Self-belief is crucial. Individuals need to have the confident that they can quit. For this, smokers may think about the most difficult things they faced earlier to boost their morale. In short, they need to realize the inner strength and self-determination to quit smoking.


2.      Smokers need to prepare their own list on tips and plans to quit smoking.


3.      Smokers may also write down the purpose behind their decision and benefits of quitting the habit. The benefits might be living longer, feeling better, saving money, finding a partner more easily, and doing well to the family.


4.      A smoker’s family and friends need to support the quitting decision completely.


5.      Individuals need to set a date for quitting. For this, they may write it down or plan for it.


6.      A doctor’s guidance is helpful in case of withdrawal symptoms.


7.      An exercise schedule needs to be implemented. Exercise relieves stress and helps the body to recover from years of damage through smoking.


8.      Practice deep breathing for about 3 to 5 minutes on a daily basis.


9.      They need to visualize themselves as non-smokers to get an idea about the benefits of a smoking-free  life.  


10.  Do not cutback the number of cigarettes smoked daily instantly, instead do it in a gradual manner. In addition, changing the brands of cigarettes can also help individuals in not feeling the pleasures of smoking.


11.   A contrast to the above method is to quit smoking cold turkey. Some individuals feel that they can quit smoking forever by an abrupt stop to smoking.


12.   Individuals may try to get in contact with other smokers, who are also trying to quit. There needs to be an exchange of positive words.


13.   Visiting a dentist and having the teeth cleaned needs to be the top priority of smokers thinking to quit the habit.


14.   Drink lots of water, as it helps to flush the nicotine and other chemicals out of the body.





These are just some of the tips on stopping smoking. For effective results, smokers need to stay honest to their plans for getting rid of nicotine addiction. Finally, the success in stopping smoking lies solely in the hands of individuals.

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