Stop Smoking Programs

There are different stop smoking programs available these days. You can even go online to search for such programs. Internet is undoubtedly an efficient means that help smokers to find various programs or ways to quit smoking.


Medicare Stop Smoking Program 

Of late, a medical center has introduced a new stop smoking program called the Medicare stop smoking program. The estimation of the total number of smokers in the world was the main method used by the founders to establish this stop smoking program. The study also concludes that many deaths smoking related deaths are preventable, if there is a spread of awareness on ways to quit smoking.  

The primary aim of this stop smoking program is to help habitual smokers in the elderly group to quit smoking. The program makes use of several strategies such as personal counseling, telephonic counseling, nicotine patches, educational resources, and instructional strategies.  .


Online Stop Smoking Programs 

Individuals can get rid of the smoking habit by using online stop smoking programs that are immense in number. Some of the stop smoking programs are:


Quit for Life Program 

This program lays stress on the need for selecting a date to quit smoking. The program also advises to include a plan, which contains several exercises that help to quit the harmful habit. Severe cases may demand for medications. Individual who opts for this program needs a friend or family member, who can help him/her to quit smoking. The coaches of this program also use a psychological test on individuals to gauge their mindset regarding smoking. The test involves questions such as date of beginning the habit, triggers for the habit, and withdrawal symptoms experienced by a smoker. 


Smoker AID program 

This is an effective program whose visible benefits occur within weeks. This program uses a four-step approach, which includes mental, physical, emotional, and support. Smokers who use this program feel free from the cravings for nicotine.



The primary aim of any stop smoking program is to help smokers quit the habit by making use of different methods and products, but mainly by using the power and energy of the other to encourage the smoker to fight for giving up smoking. Some smokers find it hard doing it by themselves, and stop smoking programs may provide them with the adequate atmosphere to overcome this addictive habit.

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